Monday, October 31, 2016

Term 3 Reflection


My reflection of where I am now is that I feel a complete part of the team(s).  The change in this thinking is more about me as an individual than the team.  If I am honest at the beginning I had this view that we were not teaming with regard to the educational well being of the children foremost in my mind.  Now this view, rightly or wrongly was my own.  I quite frankly I thought that it was a bit rich as I wasn't in the 4 man teams, I didn't take into account of the development that needed to take place within the teams.
Over the past 3 terms as the teams have settled into working together and developing programmes of work that work for them and their children and as situations have arose they have called on me for advice, guidance, or as a sounding board.  I have found that I'm valued.  Maybe that was what I wanted from the start to feel valued in my role as Literacy Leader.  Not seen as the font of all knowledge but as someone who can share the load.
So where to from here. . .   I know that I'm part of the team and that staff will ask for my advice, guidance etc when they feel that they need or want it.

Having met with Tony and having discussed some of my issues with him and following these up in my coaching sessions with Evelyn, I realise that I need keep the big picture in my mind.  Often staff come to ask me what to do with a child and I need to listen and clarify what is the actual need here. Going deeper.  Is it the mentor's Curriculum  Knowledge, their Instructional Practise, the Relationship that they have with the child that is the part that needs to be addressed rather than the surface issue of the child?

To be Continued as Term 4 rolls on.

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