Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Current Reality - Desired Reality Update wk 4 tm 3

As I settle to write this I feel excited as my current reality is really gaining momentum.  I feel like a small ball of snow that is tumbling down the hillside and as I go I pick up more flakes and sometimes balls (no Evelyn I don't squash them lol) so that I'm surrounded by like mind snowflakes on my journey.  This is where I had wanted to be.
You may think that my analogy is a little flawed as a snowball will eventually smash and melt. However, with the smashing and melting the ideas, beliefs and skills are being spread out onto the soil and will help that soil to grow.  (the soil incase I've lost you are the children and their parents are the soil).
So with spring around the corner and this is the time that we should really start to see the results and I believe that I am.  There are learning focused conversations happening, mentors knowledge and skill levels are rising and the children are benefiting from this.  The feel of the school is positive and one of inclusion. Well done to all.

Part of me, the part that holds the Growth Mindset, is saying that I really need to refocus myself since the goal of inclusion is being met.  But, the other part is saying if I change focus now will the snowball disintegrate before reaching all the soil.  As I wrote that a little voice said believe in the emergence and a movement has started so trust in this emergence and that the movement is self perpetuating.
My new focus is about my role as a coach.  I do give advice, support and assist mentors but what I need to develop are my skills to coach mentors to grow in their practise.  I need to think about this, practise using the coaching guide of Aim, Reality and Action, Paraphrasing what I hear the Mentor saying, provide the right questions so that they develop their understanding of what they need to develop.  
I think that I'm in The Pit. Watch this space.

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