Wednesday, July 27, 2016

CR - DR reflection - just a bit late


My progress through this goal was shared with the staff.  On reflection it made me realise how valuable this is, and that maybe my steps weren't quite right.
Firstly the art of composing the picture, initially gave me think time.
I knew exactly what my role was but I needed to show this in a visual way.  That was a challenge. However, in drawing the pictures my goal was clarified.  It may not be clear to others but it is clear to me and that's what matters.  A process like this is very individual.
Secondly, revisiting my picture and goals and deciding how I would share it with the staff also made the reflecting more valuable as once again it meant I needed to clarify and articulate my steps clearly.
Thirdly, the time limit!  As with most teachers I can talk and being given 3 mins to share meant that I couldn't go on and on.
And, finally, hearing others share has been great as it has enlightened me as to their thinking, goals and steps.

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