Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Term 2 - Where did it go!

Seriously, I don't know where the time has gone.

Days morphed into weeks morphed into the term.
Here are my highlights  -  being more involved with assisting/mentoring mentors etc to make a difference for the children's learning
                                       -  the progress of the Wetland group, Erryn has stepped up as a leader, the children have self organised themselves into groups to investigate ways to inform others, outside the school of what we are wanting to do, naming the group, visiting the nursery,  etc.
                                      -  Tony Burkin - Pipelines - this was confirming and clarifying as to how and why organisations go wayward.  It is imperative that we as leaders know which pipeline to operate in.  It is slightly easier when you are clearly in one pipeline.  It was also invaluable to have Tony's opionion and clarification of the roles of the coach and mentor.  When and how to coach.  When and how to mentor.  Also with this is the importance of listening and hearing what others need to say.
                                      -  CR - DR presentations - varied, interesting, honest, enlightening.
                                      -  WoRM presentations - the sharing of the learning from across the school.  This supports my Desired Reality.  We are all in this together!

Here are the low-lights - my time management - the professional reading, blogging, not being up to date. I seriously let the ball drop on these  as I became busier with other parts of my job.  It is my goal this term to set in place a system, timetable and I will stick to it.  In sharing this with Evelyn  she showed me a planner that she has found useful and I have adopted/adapted this for myself.  At this stage it is working well.  I just need to keep it up.  What will my reward be?   Hmmm....


CR - DR reflection - just a bit late


My progress through this goal was shared with the staff.  On reflection it made me realise how valuable this is, and that maybe my steps weren't quite right.
Firstly the art of composing the picture, initially gave me think time.
I knew exactly what my role was but I needed to show this in a visual way.  That was a challenge. However, in drawing the pictures my goal was clarified.  It may not be clear to others but it is clear to me and that's what matters.  A process like this is very individual.
Secondly, revisiting my picture and goals and deciding how I would share it with the staff also made the reflecting more valuable as once again it meant I needed to clarify and articulate my steps clearly.
Thirdly, the time limit!  As with most teachers I can talk and being given 3 mins to share meant that I couldn't go on and on.
And, finally, hearing others share has been great as it has enlightened me as to their thinking, goals and steps.