Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Life without my Bouncing Buddy.

Skippers is a quieter place now with just Emma S and I here.   It's not that the other Emma was noisy but sharing a space makes for noise, action, different happenings and it takes you out your bubble which can happen when you are exposed to the teaching/mentoring/coaching of others.
(Don't panic we still meet around the coffee machine for a catch up and a bouncing session most days.)

These first 3 weeks have seen me:
 - busy observing the reading programmes across the school.  I've been watching, listening and getting the feel for our habitat spaces and how reading looks across the school.

 - working alongside Evelyn to help her settle in, answer questions and share bits and pieces with her.  (I've found this an interesting process as part of me wants to share everything but, as I'm well aware people need time and a little bit often tends to be more beneficial.)  Also already we have developed a repore which allows us to share thoughts, ideas and opinions openly and honestly.

- developing my self as a coach and being available to assist with mentors developing their practise.  As well as developing my practise and ideas about this amazing profession and journey that we are on.   Learning is Alive and well at Shotover School.

- setting up the learning programme with the Wetlands and allowing the children to choose what they want to be involved in.  The topics/areas of need range from monitoring the wetlands to develop information to share with contractors and the new landowners re how important it is that the area isn't damaged anymore.  There will be some hands on preparation work re seed collection, pricking out and planting seedlings that will need to be done.

I wanted to share something with you.  I have been following this blogger called George and get regular emails with his latest posts.
 Here is a link to his blog.   If you scroll down you will find the picture from above and it explains this.   You will note that it may not directly relate to Literacy however I am more than just a Literacy person and like to think, challenge, observe, listen, try out the ideas of others.  Sometimes, I think we run the risk of being too focused on the here and now and forget to extend ourselves.
Rightly or wrongly I believe all teachers are innovators.