Thursday, April 21, 2016

Current Reality heading to Desired Reality

Term 1 has seen the setting up, identifying what I'd like this reality to be.
 For clarification, it was to be part of the team where everyone is working together to meet the needs of the students who attend our school.
 The old adage it takes a village to grow a child.  I felt I had one foot in the circle and that the links in the circle were of varying strength.
Now - I can see can hear the discussions about learners happening, and as staff become aware of our systems and guidelines on expectations this will should become at a deeper more specific level.
There is clarity that needs to happen so that everyone owns our WAVE Model.  Mentors need to understand their role in this with regard to referring students and carrying out and monitoring intervention.  However, this is not done in isolation, collaboration between the mentors within a habitat and with other staff members will build the village (desired reality) within our school.

As the term went on I had more clarity with what I needed to be doing in the Big Picture so that we have a clear understand of what reading/writing looks like at Shotover Primary.
Term 2 Reading focus.


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  1. Jill I agree with you about the collaboration and the team ownership for our children. It excites me because it is one of the great benefits of team teaching, that true investment by more than one mentor in a child. I think it is something that we need to consciously build into the way we talk and the actions we take. I believe that for this to grow we need to reflect often on the culture we are creating through our actions and words.