Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Pit

Feeling rather OMG where has this term gone and after 3 days with no or intermittent internet today is the day to shut myself away and deal with my draft paper work.  In doing this my memory was jogged about The Learning Pit.

We talk about The Learning Pit  and we place learners into the Pit and then what do we do?  Do we leave them there?  Do we assist them to get out?  How do we assist them?   When they do get out do we place them into a new pit?
Then I got thinking what would a scaffold look like in The Pit?  Do we have an image for this?

So I got doodling and came up with some images that showed a ladder with rungs and then I came up with a rope with knots.  You maybe wondering why I did all this, what is the point well.  I worry that at times we are so busy having children getting out of one pit and putting them into the next pit that we fail to check that they are able to transfer the learning into different situations.
Are we explicitly teaching them strategies to get out of The Pit? Do they understand and own these strategies?   Can they use these strategies independently?   Can they transfer the strategies that they have used to get out of The Pit in other learning situations.

I suppose it all comes down to understanding and talking about your learning and this goes for us as well.
I think I need to read some more from James Nottingham on this.
Here's a good link that I think is worth a lookTake a look