Monday, February 22, 2016

Current Reality - Desired

 To start this off I'd like to share the quote that Claire (AP) has been sharing with us.  Appraisal is not about Proving our Practice but it is about Improving our Practice.

So my Reality is that I have an awesome role - it is varied - Literacy Leader and Wetlands Project Leader.   The Literacy Leader is a large hat with multiple levels and purposes, but this isn't the right place/time to delve into all that it encompasses.
As I start fully in this role I am part of a number of teams.  My roles within the teams are varied as is my participation.
So, the current reality at present that I feel somewhat disjointed and the desired reality  is to be connected within the whole so that all children are achieving to the best they can be.

Steps  Approach the teams and get involved
          Communicate clearly and consistently
          Seek and act on feedback
  Keep the desired reality/ vision in my sights - knowing that there will be dips and peaks along the way.