Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Year Musings No. 2

With the holidays almost over the excitement of the new school year is building.  Furniture has been delivered to school.  All  the new staff are on board.  We've had our first day of meeting and greeting and been asked to share about where we have come from and what has impacted on our teaching and learning in recent years.  This proved to be very interesting and everyone contributed in there own way to this.
 Personally I found this sharing really hard to do.  I had prepared.  I was aware of the 4 minute time frame.  What I struggled with was not organising my thoughts in a cohesive, concise and clear way, but delivering them to the group at  that time and that place.   Returning to my place I wanted to immediately reflect and analysis what happened but it wasn't the right time or place to do so. (It isn't the first time that I've had to speak to a group and not been satisfied with my message and delivery.)

 On the drive south that afternoon to attend a ceremony honouring the Community Service of my father to the Community of Otautau I started to think about it.  Why when I knew what I needed and wanted to say had I struggled.  It wasn't until in the middle of the night that the answer came to me.  What's On Top.  That day I had needed to unload the emotion that I was feeling re my father with someone.
How often as teachers/mentors do we allow children to share What's On Top?
Our brains are amazing machines that we try and control but no it's bigger than us.  In my opinion is important to acknowledge and deal with these things
Needless to say once again I was left in awe of the man that is my father.  He stood up in front of dignitaries, family friends and community and clearly shared who he is.  The part of his, what appeared to be an off the cuff, speech that has resonated with me was this.    "I'm a man of 4 parts.  First is my family.  Second was my job. Third is my sport, Rugby and Racing.  Fourth is my Community, Otautau."
How many parts are you?

                                                           My Dad  January 2016xxxxx

PS.  This is the first of 2 major awards for Dad this year the next being his QSM.  While we are proud that he is being acknowledged for his years of dedication to his Community there is a tinge of sadness as cancer is now interfering with his ability to be involved in all the 4 parts that make him who he is.

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  1. What an amazing man your father is- in all those 'parts' he described in his speech. I am sure he only knows a small amount of the impact he has had on a vast number of people in his lifetime. I'm very pleased I took the time to read your blogpost, Jill. it can remind us of our impact on others in our care such the children - 'never underestimate your impact', and I liked your reminder about recognizing 'what's on top' in children's minds.