Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Popped this in the wrong place. Immediate first thought reflection.

So much thinking, learning, curiosity, challenge, conversation and dialogue has happened over the past 54 hours. Phew!!
Tony Burkin was in the house, so to speak. He came along to share, provoke, challenge and listen to us with regard to 3 main topics. Well there were 3 for me.
The first being the mindset of a leader. What sort of leader do you want to be?
The second was on professional practice. We all know the requirements of teaching practise but how well do we know what is required of us under the heading of professional practice.
The third area was an overview on Leadership. Of all of them this was the biggie for me.
Before I continue I have a confession to make - I don't know why but I thought the person coming to speak to us was Tony Buzan - the Mindmap man. So, as you can imagine I was slightly confused and having trouble making connections for awhile till the penny dropped.
Age and stage are a cruel mix. LOL
I'm not going to share all of the enlightenment that happened for me as I do need to leave school tonight and I feel that over the next few weeks and into next year their will be ahh moments that I will share.

My first note from the third meeting/presentation has stuck with me.
To be a successful Literacy Leader I need to build relational trust with the staff. They need to understand that I am here to help them grow as individual teachers and grow the knowledge and capabilities of the whole team. However, they as individual lead their own growth I can't make it happen. It is the same principle that I had /have when teaching children.

So that's that for tonight. Watch this space for more insights into my thinking.

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