Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A week down the track

Another learning from Tony was...
  How to look at problems and find solutions.  After he talked about this I had the feeling that this wasn't the first or the second time I had heard this but my 3rd time.  And, the strange thing is that I have used this to identify solutions to problems I had in my classroom teaching and when working with colleagues.  Which goes to support Graham Nutall's theory that for learning to happen learners need to be expose to new ideas at least 3 times in 3 different ways/contexts.  So in this context I am practising what I preach.
Anyhow I digress.  The progress goes like this;
                Identify - What is Happening

               Identify -  What isn't Happening

               What am I going to do to influence what is happening.

You see in doing this you take the ownership away from the child and onto you.  This also works if you use a piece of your practise that you want to change.

An example of this would be

Children aren't reading at home

What's happening - the children are be given readers to take home to read at night
                                the children are bringing their readers back to school
                                they say they haven't read it because ....

What's not happening - I don't know if they are reading at home because I

What am I going to do - talk directly with the parents to find out if the child is or isn't reading and asking why,
                                     - explain why it is important to read everyday - re reading known books, etc
                                     - set aside some time at school to hear the child read 1 to 1 so that this reading is happening.

I think sometime it is becomes easy to point the finger at others and therefore forget that 3 fingers are pointing back at us.

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