Wednesday, November 11, 2015

BPP was the intention but...

The past 2 weeks have been busy.  I have collaborated, carried out some thinking, experienced joy both at work and socially with my work colleagues,  dealt with my growth mindset (in a practical way getting over my aversion to climbing hills) and felt the tinges of curiosity, which at times I've had to stifle as I need to follow the prescribed intervention programme.

Some of the Challenges  that I have faced have been sharing my action plan with the other Senior Staff members.  Setting an Action Plan for my working life is new to me.  I had to remind myself on a number of occasions that I am a professional and I have guidelines and I can do this.  Interestingly I tried to design the plan online but it just didn't feel right so ended up using a large piece of paper and then I started to feel some success.  Please note the 2nd draft was on the computer and I even linked in other supporting documents.  Whoop! Whoop!

Sharing my Observations with the Team Leaders was a challenge however as they are so open and have wonderful Growth Mindsets that it wasn't an issue.
That's the greatest learning that I've had so far is that these people seriously practise what they preach.  They believe in the vision, and are truly supportive.

My next challenge is having to follow a prescribed intervention programme.  I really have to tell myself that this programme has been fully researched and proven to be successful.

The challenge that I face now is to spend money.  Some would say (my husband in-particular) that this is not an issue for me.  However, this is not my money and it is not for me.  I have to research, collaborate,  choose the literacy material that will be used in the school for next year and into the future.  I find this quite scary.  What if I get it wrong and purchase material that just sits on the self collecting dust.  Argghh!  

My final challenge is making sure that I keep up to date with what needs to happen.  All reading material is in the habitats, there are 12 books left to be coded into the library and 2 5yr and 1 6 yr net to finish writing up tonight.  So those are some of my challenges and as I finish writing this I realise that they are all manageable.

BPP - Beliefs, Principles and Practises or Why, What and How we do what we do. However after listening to some of my colleagues share their journey this year I think it can also stand for Beliefs, Passion and Pride.
 I'm not going to share my opinion of BPP suffice to say that it seriously makes sense and it really impacts on how and why we think/act as we do.

 Be kind to yourself