Thursday, October 22, 2015

Curve Balls

Sometimes things come up.  Some would call them opportunities.  Some would call them problems. Some would say that's just what happens and I have to go with it.
Over the years I haven't been in a position to make direct use of these curve balls for the outcome I really want for myself.  However, this year when the opportunity arose I made a decision for myself to act on it.
Many things could have gone wrong, but I looked at all hurdles or perceived problems as opportunities.  By conscientiously applying a Growth Mindset I believe I obtained the results that I need.  Now for me, this has been new learning that I have been deliberately working on for myself for about 12 to 18 months.  In the past I have been very conscious of encouraging and supporting others to apply this learning and thinking to their lives and change their habits but wasn't doing it for myself. Some would say this happens on turning 50!  While that could be true I also have to thank my daughter for sharing her Habits book with me.   A great read and it challenged my thinking and open discussion lines.  Anyhow I digress.

As I come to the end of my second week in my new role I can see that the decision I made to 'go for it' was the right one.   I'm being challenged, encouraged to think outside the square, able to share my ideas and wonderings with like minded souls and have the flexibility to focus on the now jobs and gain the sense of satisfaction from completing them.  Building success into your day or week is great for the soul.
So curve balls in life are great if you have the right attitude to the possibilities of where they my take you.

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  1. And, we are so pleased that you did 'go for it' Jill! We are on such a wonderful challenging journey. Our souls are going to be in great shape with the multitude of successes ahead. :)